The Gift of Tissue Donation

We understand that the decision for donation can come at a difficult time for many families. On this page you can read stories from other families and recipients and learn about what donation means to them.

Samuel Florograph

Samuel’s Story

Samuel gave freely and frequently and had every intention of making the world a better place for everyone. Sam gave his time, money, smile, humor, compassion, empathy and ultimately, himself. Even as a young person he was passionate about how one could continue to help others even in death. You see, when Sam was in …

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Michael’s Story

  Michael loved life, his family and God. He was a hardworking, honest and loyal man, who could strike up a conversation with anyone. Michael worked 32 years for UPS, being active in the Teamsters Union and supporting his fellow workers as a Union Steward. When he retired, he dedicated his time to his family …

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Ruth’s Story

Ruth’s warmth, love, kindness and grace live on in those who have received her gifts through donation. She devoted her life to nurturing her family, spirit, relationships and her community through service and volunteer endeavors. She kept her life very full and enjoyed the lake life, fishing, cooking, gardening, learning, creating, and spending time with …

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Davis’s Story

Davis Paul Colley grew up in rural Minnesota and was an amazing young man. He was charismatic and not only loved to socialize but was funny, smart and influential.  Davis was determined and driven, an accomplishing honor student and a varsity wrestler. His commitment to wrestling went beyond just the team but also to helping …

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Doug’s Story

Douglas Church, from Terre Haute IN, was loved by all who knew him. Born and raised in Southern Indiana, he worked as an account manager and was a strong advocate for animal rights. He was smart, funny and an independent individual who took pride in taking life by the mantle and caring for his four …

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Andy’s Story

Andy Hendel continues to impact the lives of others despite his passing on Jan. 22, 2012. Family, friends and community members gathered on a Saturday night in Cologne to celebrate the gifts left by Andy Hendel. Andy’s parents, Ann and John, as well as twin brother Josh and sister Olivia, were all grateful to those …

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Deanna's Story photo

Deanna’s Story

Mere words will never suffice to express the loss that my family and I have experienced since Deanna was killed on October 28, 2006, by an impaired driver. Deanna was a sixteen year old girl, enthusiastic for life with a vivid future in mind. I think back to Friday, October 27, 2006, I had spoken …

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Amanda's Story Family Photo

Amanda’s Story

I was 19 years old when I was diagnosed with a bone tumor that had invaded my left leg. I needed a new femur bone, or they would amputate my leg. A complete stranger made it possible for me to keep my leg. I am thankful every day for the gift my donor gave me. …

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