Richard Haliburton, Executive Director

Richard has been with American Donor Services since 2006 and finds satisfaction in guiding a team of professionals, whose intrinsic mission is to facilitate the opportunity of donation. With over 20 years of experience in the field; he still finds inspiration from those who sensitively see beyond their personal loss and instead offer profound hope to others.

Kevin Noyes, Quality Assurance Officer, CTBS

A Certified Tissue Bank Specialist since 1997, Kevin, having over 25 years of experience in the donation field, joined ADS in 2006. As the quality assurance officer he oversees and supports operational activities to ensure regulatory compliance. Exhibiting a long understanding of the importance of and need for organ and tissue donation, on June 1, 2012 Kevin became a Living Kidney Donor. Two years later he was fortunate to be chosen as an inaugural Living Donor Walker on the Donate Life Rose Parade Float.

Anne Petersen, Donor Family Liaison, BS, CTBS

After being touched by donation in her personal life, Anne was inspired to become an advocate for donation and donor families. She is grateful for the opportunity to support our donor families with compassion, care and concern. In recognizing the precious gift of donation and the truly incredible ways it touches lives, she is most appreciative to be a part of this cause. She received her CTBS certification in 2016.

Robin Lunzer, Case Manager, CTBS

Robin has been a certified Tissue Bank Specialist since 1998, and has over 25 years’ experience in organ, eye and tissue donation. Robin has worked in many aspects of donation including customer service, distribution, recovery, funeral director and medical examiner liaison, compliance and quality assurance. She is passionate about the gift of donation and shares the message of donation to family, friends and her community.

Donor Family Coordinators

Our Donor Family Coordinator team is the first and primary point of contact for our referral partners and donor families. This team is available 24 hours a day and is dedicated to demonstrating our principles of service, quality and respect in every interaction.

Melissa, CTBS Donor Coordination Supervisor

Melissa is a Certified Tissue Bank Specialist and has numerous years of experience in the donation field. She joined ADS in 2006. As the Coordination Supervisor, she leads a team of professionals that provides the utmost care and respect for families during their time of loss. Melissa is heartened when offering the option to families that might allow their loved one to live on through the gift of donation.

Adina, Donor Family Coordinator

Adina has been working with donor families for many years. She began her career as a donor coordinator and funeral home liaison and fully appreciates the important role that funeral professions provide. She joined ADS in 2006 and believes that donation is a unique opportunity for families to have something positive transpire. She interacts with families with respect and kindness providing information that helps families make an informed decision. Adina is moved by those that choose the selfless decision that can save and enhance the lives of so many.

Melanie, CTBS Donor Family Coordinator

Melanie is a Certified Tissue Bank Specialist and has over a decade of experience in this field. She started her career as a recovery team lead and trainer and for the last eight years works with families as a coordinator. In this role, she engages with families to discuss the possibilities of donation. She provides compassion and care to grieving families with the hope of providing something positive to those who have endured great loss.

Randy, APRN-CRNA, CTBS Donor Family Coordinator

Randy is a nurse anesthetist and a Certified Tissue Bank Specialist who has extensive clinical experience in the area of organ, tissue and eye donation and providing support for donor families. Randy takes comfort in offering donor families the option to donate, allowing something encouraging transpiring out of their personal loss and grief.

Recovery Leadership

Jessica, CTBS Recovery Specialist

Jessica is a fulltime Certified Tissue Bank Specialist and began her career with ADS in 2006. She values learning about all of the different aspects of donation. Jessica finds her role to be fulfilling knowing she is helping others improve their quality of life through the gift of donation. She received her CTBS certification in 2012.

Lauren, CTBS Recovery Specialist

While interning at a medical examiner’s office, Lauren first learned of importance of donation. After learning more about all of the wonderful ways donation helps peoples, she knew she wanted to be a part of this cause and joined the ADS team in 2010. She received her CTBS certification in 2012.

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