A trusted partner in tissue donation.

You have an option in who you partner with. We are honored to have the trust placed in us to support donation.

Please use 1-877-365-DON8 (1-877-365-3668) for potential donation referrals. Your call will be answered around the clock by a trained staff member that can assist you.


We strive to exceed service expectations through timely response, close coordination and effective communication


Our goal is to provide safe tissue for use in transplantation and research; we operate with professionalism built on a foundation of quality practices and standards.


Our actions reflect the highest level of respect for the heroes and families who choose to donate and our caring family affairs team supports families throughout the donation processes.

If you have questions, or are interested in knowing more about a referral partnership, please call 651-437-1018 or write us at webrequest@americandonorservices.org.

For our referral partners: we have created a card that may be useful when evaluating a potential donation. Download the ADS Referral Card (PDF).

To request printed referral cards, please send your name, address and how many cards you need to webrequest@americandonorservices.org.

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