2019 Tournament of Roses Parade

Celebrating the Gift of Donation, Michael Craig Dennis was Honored with a Memorial “Floragraph” Portrait on the 2019 Donate Life Rose Parade Float

Michael loved life, his family and God. He was a hardworking, honest and loyal man, who could strike up a conversation with anyone. Michael worked 32 years for UPS, being active in the Teamsters Union and supporting his fellow workers as a Union Steward. When he retired, he dedicated his time to his family and his favorite pastime: farming. He loved the land and raising cattle, a passion that started when he was in high school and shared especially with his grand children.

Parade 12

Michael was a caring, selfless, pay-it-forward type of man, who never expected anything in return for himself. He believed in being an organ donor and encouraged others to be donors as well. When he died in a tragic accident, his gift of life helped restore and heal 79 people as a cardiovascular and tissue donor.

2018 Tournament of Roses Parade

Celebrating the Gift of Donation, Ruth Ann Seurer was Honored with a Memorial “Floragraph” Portrait on the 2018 Donate Life Rose Parade Float


Ruth’s warmth, love, kindness and grace live on in those who have received her gifts through donation. She devoted her life to nurturing her family, spirit, relationships and her community through service and volunteer endeavors. She kept her life very full and enjoyed the lake life, fishing, cooking, gardening, learning, creating, and spending time with her grandchildren, family and many friends. Her sparkle remains alive in the hearts of her family and the many lives she touched. Ruth would be very proud to know that her gift of life has improved the lives of over 95 people.


2017 Tournament of Roses Parade

Celebrating the Gift of Donation, Davis Colley was Honored with a Memorial “Floragraph” Portrait on the 2017 Donate Life Rose Parade Float

Davis Paul Colley grew up in rural Minnesota and was an amazing young man. He was charismatic and not only loved to socialize but was funny, smart and influential.  Davis was determined and driven, an accomplishing honor student and a varsity wrestler. His commitment to wrestling went beyond just the team but also to helping younger wrestlers. He never liked to see anyone hurting and was the first to speak up if he saw an injustice. Davis always tried to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Davis made the decision to become a donor when he was getting his learners permit at the age of 15. When discussing it with him, he couldn’t understand how anyone could consciously say no to being a donor. He donated cardiovascular and musculoskeletal tissue and to date, his gifts have helped 133 recipients from 13 different states.

288 D Colley floragraph

2016 Tournament of Roses Parade

Celebrating the Gift of Donation, Douglas Church was Honored with a Memorial “Floragraph” Portrait on the 2016 Donate Life Rose Parade Float

Douglas Church, from Terre Haute IN, was loved by all who knew him. Born and raised in Southern Indiana, he worked as an account manager and was a strong advocate for animal rights. He was smart, funny and an independent individual who took pride in taking life by the mantle and caring for his four nieces. When Doug passed away suddenly from a pulmonary embolmism, it came as a terrible shock to his family. Although he will be forever missed, his family is proud of his selfless decision to become a registered donor. Today, he has helped over 95 recipients from 23 different states and several countries. They hope others see the importance of donation and the impact it can make on the lives of so many.

AATB News Release

The American Association of Tissue Banks to honor Andy Hendel through participation in the 2015 Donate Life Rose Parade® Float

For the past seven years, AATB members and AATB accredited tissue banks have been invited to submit nominations of tissue recipients to ride and deceased tissue donors to be honored by a floragraph, a portrait created with floral materials, on the Donate Life Float in the Rose Parade.

The AATB is pleased to announce this year’s AATB Donate Life Rose Parade Float honoree: floragraph honoree Andy Hendel.

Andy Hendel (Cologne, MN)

Andy Hendel was born in 1995 in Vietnam and was adopted, along with his twin brother, into the Hendel family in 1996. “Andyman” grew up in rural Minnesota. He was active in sports and had a passion for community service. Andy died by suicide at the age of 16. He donated cardiovascular and musculoskeletal tissue and, to date, Andy’s gift has helped 63 recipients across 25 states, with ages ranging from 15 to 82 years old. Andy was nominated by American Donor Services of Hastings, MN.

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